Five Life Hacks for the Visually Impaired

As told by Bryan of Two Blind Brothers

1. Zoom function on the iPhone

This is my lifesaver! Before the zoom function, I’d carry a magnifying glass with me to read texts or I would screenshot and zoom in. It made texting hard and not really fun. Just go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom and set it up with your preferences!  


2.  Dictation via Siri

Sometimes we look crazy on the street because we’re yelling into our phones saying “read text!” “coming over tonight!” Voice dictation is great when you’re tired of having your phone right up to your face to see the screen.


3. “What’s your favorite thing on the menu” -I say this at almost every restaurant I go to.


It’s always the most expensive thing. Real shocker, I know. But this trick is great when you’re out without a friend and your waiter is your only resource to know what the restaurant has to offer. You eat a lot of eccentric food this way! Another alternative to this would be to take a picture of the menu and zooming in.


4. Looking at the crosswalk signal on your side of the street

You step into the street and look at what the sign says on your side of the crosswalk. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher the number counting down from where you are, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. But if you happen to see a mother and child walking across at the same time, it’s normally a good sign!


5. Taking a photo of a menu/check/everything and then zooming in on the picture.

When in doubt- take a picture! When you look at my iPhoto library it’s about 75% selfies and a solid 25% of random things I come across in daily life. The camera on the iphone is better than our eyes. So if I’m out and shopping by myself and I need to verify the price of a shirt, or say, check out how amazing the metal tags are (shameless plug) I’ll take a photo, zoom in, and have a look myself.


Hope these were helpful! What are YOUR tips and tricks for living with visual impairment?