Sense of Style: Seas the day in the "Amber"

So you’re going to the beach to beat the heat? Good plan; it’s been a pretty hot summer so far. Spending time in the water is a given, but that’s not the only way to have fun in the sun. You’ll probably want to catch some rays, maybe hit the boardwalk for a few drinks, finally get some of that reading done and if you’re really feeling it, you can put your skills to the test by taking a shot at building a sandcastle. Maybe you’re just planning on kicking back and taking it all in. No matter your plan of action, we’re here to make sure you look good doing it…

The clear sky, the inviting water and you are all going to be in various hues of blue. For when you’re splashing around in your favorite ocean, sea or lake we’d recommend a patterned two piece with a mixture of dark and light blues. Keep in mind that the one piece swimsuit is making a comeback this summer, so if that’s more your speed, go for it! When you’re not in the water or tanning throw on the breathable Amber to subtly complement your suit. The bamboo used to make the Amber is what helps to keep it light. Additionally, the shirt has some hydrophobic properties, so you can put it on while you’re still a bit wet and it won’t get damp. Sunscreen is the best accessory and a true necessity seaside. Pack your sunscreen, any reading materials and a towel or two in an oversized caribbean blue bag or tote. A pair of aviators and a classy fedora will finish off the look nicely.

Shop the look here and go soak up the sun!