Sense of Style: Squeeze out that last bit of summer before we fall into autumn in the Dee Dee


The sun’s no longer sweltering. Temperatures are dropping. The air is getting crisper which means fall is right around the corner, but it’s not here quite yet.Looking for something to wear for the unofficial last weekend of summer? We’ve got you covered: The Dee Dee is the perfect segue piece to debut your fall colors with a summer vibe.

Ahead of Labor Day, we love the Dee Dee with a pair of jean cut-off shorts over your favorite bathing suit. We chose a white and green bikini, so you can show off your tan before it fades as fast as summer.   

It’s the perfect transitional outfit - summer to fall, day to night.  It wicks away water so it works on the boat or the beach and it’ll dry in time for sunset. Also its  breathability will keep you cool during the day (perfect under the summer sun or in front of the grill) but it’ll also keep you warm at night, so roll up those sleeves (or roll’em down).

Labor Day is a long weekend so you need to be comfortable on your feet, with a little splash of fancy so we recommend dressing it up with your favorite espadrilles. You don’t want to wear heels to the BBQ because we all know backyards are the suburban equivalent to quicksand to a lady in stilettos.

This is your window of opportunity to pair a long sleeve shirt with shorts - they only coexist during this It’s-not-really-summer-but-not-quite-fall twilight zone.

Want to take this look to the next level? Or simply don’t want to overpack? Switch out the shorts for a pair of jeans and unroll those sleeves for a night out on the town.

Afterall, saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but it’s easier in a Two Blind Brothers shirt.

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