Sense of Style: Head Back to School in Style with Help from the Diane

StyleGuide 12.png

Well folks, summer is officially over. Labor Day has come and gone and fall will soon be in full swing. Autumn brings many wonderful gifts: the leaves change, pumpkin spice coffee is everywhere you look, and the big kicker… school is back in session. We know that the first day of classes can come with a lot of nerves, so we picked out the perfect back to school TBB look so there’d be one less thing for you to worry about.

Start your semester off looking smart and stylish in one of our staples, the Diane. This solid long sleeve look will keep you warm as the weather begins to cool. We recommend rocking it with a denim skirt. We’re big fans of the full button front. If it’s already a little chilly, a pair of jeans or your favorite fall boots will do the trick as well.

It’s important to accessorize with some splashes of color. A brown braided belt is the perfect intersection for this blue-hue look. Don’t be afraid to go big or go home (do try and go to class though). You can’t go wrong with some creative earrings that add a bit of a pop. While the weather is fair, a pair of blue flats will be cute and handy walking around campus looking for your lecture halls - we recommend these waterproof ones which are particularly handy in case the weather changes on you as quick as the seasons!.

Swing on your backpack or tote, grab your books, and head out the door. You’re ready for school!

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