Ditus Arizona: "Arizona Enriches"

Did you know?

Arizona’s state motto is Ditat Deus - Latin for “God Enriches” - but in this case it’s Arizona that enriches. Arizona’s BEP program is enriching the lives of the visually impaired community by providing them a chance to own their own businesses. 


What’s the deal?

The Arizona Business Enterprise Program (BEP) is program geared at providing employment opportunities to people who are legally blind in the food services sector: if you are eligible you can operate cafeterias or vending services in federal, state, county or municipal buildings.

Who can participate?

You can! (if you meet the following eligibility requirements):

  1. You are a client of the Vocational Rehabilitation program (more here: AZ VR Program)

  2. You are legally blind

  3. You are at least 18 years of age

  4. You are a US Citizen

  5. You are able to pass a criminal background and credit check

  6. You have a GED or High School Diploma and are able to pass competency exams for:

    1. 10th grade level math and English

    2. AT and IL proficiency

    3. Able to use Word, Excel, Email, and Accounting software

  7. You participate in job shadowing, meetings, and pass a BEP screening interview

  8. You complete an intensive 6 month unpaid training program

The program has been around now for a while but is currently expanding into the private sectors: new sectors = new opportunities!

It’s so inspiring to see other programs and companies like the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind that help provide employment opportunities to the visually impaired community. Apparently it really is true that the more lives you enrich, the richer you’ll be.

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