How we #FeltTheDifference

When it is difficult to see the design or brand name on a shirt, the deciding factor in buying it is the way it feels. For us and the millions of visually impaired people across America and around the world that is the case; feel and comfort come first. So, we set out to make shirts that would put the visually impaired first, in the way they are made, how they feel and the cause that drives them.

“What makes your shirts so comfortable?” is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions the Two Blind Brothers team gets. It is an excellent question and as much as we would like to say the secret is the love put into every shirt by the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind and ourselves, the truth lies actually in our fabric. All of our shirts are a very specific tri-blend, that took half a year to discover and decide on.

Every shirt is made with three materials- 66% bamboo, 28% cotton and 6% lycra- each providing our shirts with distinct qualities:

  • The bamboo, which is made of light, long fibers, gives the shirts with their unparalleled softness and breathability. Bamboo is a versatile plant that can grow in almost any climate, this is why our shirts keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

  • The extra-soft cotton nicely complements the bamboo and also gives the shirts their breathability. Cotton is also very structurally sound, which is why our shirts are tough and retain their color for the lifetime of the shirt.

  • The touch of lycra allows our shirts to have a bit of give, while also retaining their shape. This trait is what prevents serious wrinkling and keeps our shirts form fitting. Additionally, it has excellent wicking properties, protecting you and your shirt from thrills and spills.

The three materials we’ve chosen go together excellently and combine to make shirts that are not only comfortable, but also have various performance qualities that make them great for everyday wear.

The proof is in the pudding however, so if you haven’t felt our shirts for yourself, shop here and #FeelTheDifference!

Listen to Bryan tell an anecdote about how we went through tons of swatches to land on the right one.