Seen & Heard: Susan Robinson

When people are referred to as a ‘Force of Nature’, it is often undue praise. Not because the person in question lacks presence or power, but because they lack them in the degree required to be considered a force. Susan Robinson is not one of those people. She is unassailable; when she enters a room the climate changes. Always for the better.  After you watch our video interview, you’ll understand why we felt that she perfectly embodies the kind of people we want to cover for the ‘Seen & Heard’ segment of the Blind Spot.

Susan demands attention in a way that is understated, but nevertheless enthralling. Which is to everyone’s benefit since when she articulates her ideas they are always, “ideas worth spreading”. Lucky for us, TED has given Susan the platform to share some of those worthy ideas. Today, her TED talk “How I fail at being disabled” is out.

Beyond being a TED resident, Susan is an executive level business partner and has worked extensively in the life sciences and healthcare industries. She also writes about “failing at being disabled” on her blog, Oh Fabled One. Check out our interview, Susan’s TED talk and all the other great work she does.