Sense of Style: Introducing the "Spark"

Summer is the Season of Doing. It’s all about fitting as much activity as possible into three months. Between June and August you’ll hit the beach, regular at music festivals, see a show in the park, take an exotic trip or two, spend late nights making memories with friends and so much more. Like a physical reaction, the heat arouses activity across the country. Burnout is a real possibility when every day is approached with a carpe diem mindset. To mitigate the chances of you running out of steam, the Two Blind Brothers team recommends intermittent days for relaxing. And we all know the best way to relax is in a comfortable Two Blind Brothers shirt…

It’s your day off from adventuring; you want to keep your look effortless, simple for the summer. Our plain white, short sleeved henley, the Spark, is the epitome of simplicity and agreeability. Worn khakis are probably your best bet for a pants pairing; a reliable pair you already own and love will suffice. At the office we’re big fans of Nike Janoskis for this look, but any sneaker or skate shoe in a muted color will look just as good. Love the look? Try it out with some of our other staple colors:  black, charcoal, light grey and navy. All of our shirts are extremely breathable, thanks to the bamboo fabric blend we use, so you’ll stay cool regardless of the color you choose.

Don’t forget your aviator sunglasses, a notebook or a novel to unwind with on your well earned summer sabbatical.