Sense of Style: The Oakley's Day Out

Today is going to be a busy day for you.

Dawn until dusk your schedule’s full. You have places to go and friends to see. The farmers’ market is up first, a great way to get some fresh air and even fresher food. After that you have midday brunch in the heart of the city with some friends you haven’t seen in a bit. Then you have a blind date at your favorite contemporary museum. Finally, you and the girls are going to paint the town red to end the day. I know you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed, but there’s nothing to worry about, you’ve planned ahead and the day is going to go off without a hitch. Oh, you forgot to put together an outfit didn’t you? Don’t panic, as always, we have you covered…

It’s going to be tight, but if you can avoid multiple wardrobe changes, the day’s events will occur seamlessly. We’re going to go with a versatile look, something that easily transitions from day to night. The Oakley is a true stalwart in the Two Blind Brothers catalogue and works in a plethora of styles. Seeing as you’ll be out for the majority of the day, being prepared for temperature changes is a no brainer. A lightweight denim jacket will keep you warm earlier in the day and late at night when it gets chilly. Make sure whatever jacket you choose is light enough to be carried without being a bother. A strong pop of color is always a good call when rocking a white shirt - try a fun pair of shorts. We went with red and paired them with exciting earrings in the same color. A small wallet that keeps inline with the color scheme and/or a pair of Raybans will offer even more in regards to accessorizing. When it comes to footwear it’s dealer’s choice; this look works with sandals, flats, or even sleek heels. If you’re feeling ambitious and have the space for them, you can make a shoe switch part way through the day. No matter what you choose, the outfit will be playing second fiddle to you today.

Today is going to be a great day for you!