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Guide Dog Challenge FAQ

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  1. What is the Guide Dog Challenge?
    One of the greatest examples of “trust” is between the guide dog and the blind community. When a blind person can’t see the path forward, the guide dog is there to lead the way. Would your friends trust you in the same way? 

    We’ve created the Guide Dog Challenge to find out.

  2. “How do I take the challenge???”

    It’s so easy.

     Step #1

    You pick a few of your favorite items from this page

    We instantly create your own mini website with your chosen items hidden!

    Step #2

    Send the link to your friends, and see if they’ll shop your items!

    You can make them two promises:

    1. They’ll love it because you picked it out

    2. They are helping to train a guide dog because all profits from this challenge go to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    (If they don’t like it, they can return it for free, no questions asked)

    Bonus: You get huge rewards! At the end of the holiday on January 1st, you will get one of the following rewards based on the # of people who purchased from your store. These accumulate and can’t be used until the holiday ends.

    Here is the list of rewards:

    1 POINT
    Free pair of socks with your next purchase
    5 POINTS
    Free 2BB graphic tee with your next purchase
    10 POINTS
    Exclusive Guide Dog Challenge shirt (only available here!)
    20 POINTS
    $100 gift card + Guide Dog Challenge shirt
    50 POINTS
    $400 gift card + Guide Dog Challenge shirt
    100 POINTS
    The ultimate Guide Dog gift (a surprise we know you'll love!)
  3. Where do the profits from Guide Dog Challenges purchases go?
    100% of your purchase will go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind to help provide exceptional guide dogs to those who need them. 
  4. “Who are you and why are you doing this?” My brother and I run the clothing brand Two Blind Brothers. We were diagnosed with an eye disease when we were seven years-old. One of the greatest lessons we learned was to trust other people. When we can’t see something, usually the easiest solution is to ask the stranger next to us for help. People have always lifted us up, and we want to invite you to have a similar experience. Would you trust us and buy something that you can’t see? Would you shop blind? We hope so, because 1. you’ll love what you receive, and 2. It helps support blindness research.

  5. When will my friends' orders ship?
    Their order will ship within 2 - 3 days of being placed. 
  6. Can I modify or cancel my Guide Dog page?
    If you don't like your store, the easiest thing to do is to make a new one with a new email. f you need to modify or cancel your store, you can also contact Points don't transfer to new stores. 
  7. Can my friends return or exchange their Guide Dog Challenge item?
    Your friends (or you) can return an online order by requesting a return label via this link or by emailing us at The order can be returned for a full refund within 45 days of purchase. Orders can be exchanged within 45 days of purchase if it has not been worn and is in good condition. 
  8. What is the return process?
    - Start your return process and print your label here
    - Remember to include the customer order number and billing name in the request.
    - A return label will be emailed to you. Shipping will be paid for.
    - Drop your return package at an authorized location. You can find your nearest location at or
    - If your order is a return, you will be refunded after the returned item has been received by us.
    - If your order is an exchange, your exchange will be sent out once the exchanged item has been received by us.
    - Please include in the notes the item you are returning as well as the item you would like to receive in exchange (if it is an exchange).