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Shop Blind Challenge ends January 26th!

Will you shop blind?

Welcome to the Shop Blind Challenge! It’s simple. Would you buy something that you can't see? We promise you'll get something you'll love. If you don't think it's perfect, you can return it - no questions asked. Trust us! 100% of the profits are donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness to help find a cure for blindness.

Trust us, it's worth it.
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from the brothers

Hear brothers Brad and Bryan Manning tell the story behind their charitable brand


What will I receive?

There are no hints at all, but we can promise you that you'll LOVE what you get. If you don't, you can return it with the return label included in the order. It's that easy.

What is the difference between the price options?

If you are feeling bold, go for the higher price options. You will not regret it. We've made sure that the items included in this challenge are ridiculously awesome! They are specifically made for this challenge to reward "trust".

Most people do the lowest price option and love it, but it gets better and better as you go up.

How does this help blindness?

There are 3 important ways -

  1. 100% of the profits are donated to research through organizations like Foundation FIghting Blindness. 
  2. The items are made in part by organizations like Industries for the Blind in North Carolina that hire blind workers.
  3. You become part of our growing family. You prove that empowerment and inclusion of the blind community is important. You prove that what a company stands for is just as important as what it sells. You become someone who can share this experience with someone else. Because of you, we have the best community of customers that any project could ever dream of having.

Who are you?

We are Bradford and Bryan Manning. We started Two Blind Brothers to make the softest clothing and gifts in the world and to help the blind community by donating 100% of the profits back to research for eye disease through Foundation Fighting Blindness. We also hire blind workers through organizations like Industries for the Blind to make our items.  

We have an eye condition called Stargardt's disease. 

This video explains our story:

What am I getting?????

The whole point is to trust. Give it a shot. You'll love it.

What if I want to buy a single item or gift card?

No problem. Just click to view our full collection and gift cards. 

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