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Unisex Scarf

Unisex Scarf

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Unisex Scarf

Look great this winter in our super soft and fashionable knit scarf. Features tactile braille that reads the color of the scarf. 


As part of the Two Blind Brothers product expansion, we are excited to finally release outerwear accessories! The ribbed knit scarf features a sewn on patch with the color of the scarf in tactile braille. Available in black, navy, and grey to pair well with your cold weather wardrobe. 


  • Tactile braille on patch reads color of scarf
  • Ribbed knit
  • Available in Black, Navy, and Grey
  • One Size


  •    35% Wool
  •    30% Acrylic
  •    25% Nylon
  •    10% Polyester

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