the Story Begins

A mother takes her 5 year old boy into a doctor’s office because the school nurse informed her that her son failed the eye chart exam during a routine evaluation. Several tests and specialists later, she is told that her son is going to lose his vision due to a retinal eye disease. This is where the conversation ends, and the mother and son are sent home to face this challenge. 

40 Years of Fighting

This was the beginning of the story of Bradford and Bryan as well as many other families that faced these diseases. But now, after nearly 40 years of research in these diseases, the treatments and cures are in sight. The science is here. The gene for Bradford and Bryan’s condition has been identified, and there are many pre-clinical projects investigating treatments. 

The challenge now is simply financial. These projects need funding to prepare for and complete clinical trials. It is one of the most exciting times for medicine, and those people who support this research will be accelerating breakthrough therapies. 


The challenge

The boy is confused. He doesn’t understand the implications of the diagnosis. He looks to his mother for clues to what this means. He mostly wonders if he’ll be able to play soccer with his friends.

His mother is devastated. Her deepest desire for her son to live a “normal” life has been ripped away. She craves desperately to give her son a meaningful and happy life, but she is completely unprepared. There is no consistent advice. There are no answers. When she thinks about her son not being able to share all of the unique moments in life that require eyesight, she feels crushed. She worries about his safety. She worries about his self-esteem. She is terrified of failing him as a mother. 


We're Almost there 

Two Blind Brothers uses resources at the Foundation Fighting Blindness and PBM Capital Group to track, monitor, and deploy funds to these projects. 

Our immediate goal is to raise $1 million. This money will support three researchers carefully selected by the Foundation Fighting Blindness for a program designed by The Harrington Project, a world class organization focused on moving great science into clinical trials and commercially-relevant treatments.   

We are truly on the edge of a major medical revolution in eye disease, and we appreciate your support. 

For more information, please contact us at info@twoblindbrothers.com