2018 World Sight Day


1. Download a Stargardt Splotch and apply it over the image you are planning to use here

2. Add the event to your calendar

Add to Calendar 10/11/2018 10:00 AM 10/11/2018 10:30 AM America/Los_Angeles Post to Instagram for World Sight Day 2018 Hey!
Today is October 11th which means it’s time to post your splotch covered photo in Instagram for World Sight Day 2018. Please be sure to include the hashtag #NowYouSee and mention @TwoBlindBrothers to help raise awareness for vision impairment and the search to cure blindness.
If you have any questions visit our World Sight Day webpage or shoot us an email at worldsightday@twoblindbrothers.com.
Two Blind Brothers
Wherever you are

3. Post the image on October 11 - World Sight Day, to highlight what the world looks like to those who are blind or visually impaired

4. Include a written description of your photo in brackets along with #NowWeSee at the end. Example: [image description: In this photo (description of what is in the photo). #NowWeSee]

5. Mention @twoblindbrothers and their quest to raise money to help find a cure for blindness. 

If you need help or have any questions at all please reach out to us! We are happy to apply the black splotch to any image of your choice for you! You can email it to us at worldsightday@twoblindbrothers.com with any questions or with the photo you’d like us to apply the splotch to and we will send it right back to you ready to go!

There are lots of types of blindness. We have Stargardt's, a type of macular degeneration that means we lose vision in the center of the retina. This simulator gives you peek at what its like to peep with our peepers.