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My Guide Dog

Meet the pawesomest furry friends ever! Get to know ALL FOUR of the My Guide Dog puppies, including the latest addition to the litter, Pip the Guide Dog. Each puppy purchase has 100% of the profits donated to retinal eye disease research and supporting the visually impaired in receiving their own real guide dog!

Bring them all home

Can’t decide which My Guide Dog to bring home? Now you don’t have to... our first-ever "Entire Litter Bundle" is here! Featuring our favorites Beacon, Guider, and Braille--with their new super friend, Pip!

Did You Know?

  • Intelligent Disobedience

    Guide Dogs purposely disregard instructions from their handler if they believe the instructions put the handler in danger.

  • Best & Brightest

    Only about 75% of dogs graduate from rigorous guide dog training.

  • Always Aware

    Guide dogs keep track of space up to three times their own size to keep owners safe from obstacles.


Guide dogs mean so much to the blind community. They help the blind and visually impaired get around freely, see their loved ones more often, and experience life to the fullest. Plus, they’re smart, caring, loyal, and protective to a fault—they’re four-legged superheroes!


The Perfect Gift

Giving My Guide Dog as a sign of support for a person you care about is the perfect way to show you care. It’s also a great way to treat yourself to something awesome.

  • Do Good

    All profits support efforts to cure blindness and employ visually impaired workers.

  • Trust Us

    When you adopt, you take a chance on Two Blind Brothers—that means the world.

  • Celebrate

    My Guide Dog is an homage to real-life guide dogs—adopt and honor the true heroes!

  • Collect

    Adopt the whole litter—each dog is unique and totally awesome.

  • I gave this to my 2nd grader who is going back to school, and he keeps it in his backpack every day to help guide him through the day.

    Guide Dog Customer
  • It's rare to feel so proud of something that I didn't even make! These pups do so much good and mean so much to people like me.

    Guide Dog Customer
  • After reading the letter and seeing the dog, my wife started crying. Needless to say, I won this Holiday.

    Guide Dog Customer


When you adopt My Guide Dog, you make a huge impact: You pay homage to real-life guide dogs, who make the lives of the visually impaired better every day. You take a chance on Two Blind Brothers, which means the world to us. But, above all, you give back to the mission to cure blindness—100% of profits go to retinal research organizations working to prevent and cure visual impairment.

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Bryan and Brad’s mission to cure blindness comes from a personal place. From a young age, they’ve dealt with visual impairment—specifically, Stargardt’s. Learn more about how they took a hurdle and turned it into something positive—Two Blind Brothers.




There are lots of types of blindness. We have Stargardt's, a type of macular degeneration that means we lose vision in the center of the retina. This simulator gives you peek at what its like to peep with our peepers.

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