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Blackout Candle

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Each blackout candle is made of a sophisticated blend of fragrances made to relax the mind and instill a sense of nostalgia and comfort.


The Two Blind Brothers Blackout Candle is made of a hand-poured soy wax composition that gives off a subtle yet distinctive fragrance. Its scent is mysterious and intriguing while also provoking thoughtful reflection and evoking a sense of familiarity and ease.


  • Hand-poured
  • Soy wax composition
  • Sandalwood: A blend of wood, vanilla with hints of tonka, amber, and musk.
  • Soft Cotton + Bamboo: A blend citrus, jasmine, and sage with hints of amber and musk. 
  • Available in Sandalwood and Soft Cotton + Bamboo scents


  • Hand-poured soy wax in black jar

There are lots of types of blindness. We have Stargardt's, a type of macular degeneration that means we lose vision in the center of the retina. This simulator gives you peek at what its like to peep with our peepers.