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2BB Cashmere Travel Wrap

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2BB Cashmere Travel Wrap

We can’t all be sitting in a first class seat en route to Paris, but we can feel just as luxurious when wearing this cashmere wrap. Warm and sophisticated, perfect for going out or staying in. Can be worn as a scarf or a wrap. (P.S. When paired with our Cavalier Sunglasses you may be mistaken for a movie star)


The 2BB Cashmere Travel Wrap is the perfect addition to your date night outfit! It also makes for a great blanket when traveling. Made from 100% cashmere, one of the most sought-after fibers in the world. It is sourced from Mongolian goats that are known for growing exceptionally soft undercoats. The material is softer, lighter and can be up to three times warmer than sheep wool.


  • Can be worn as a scarf or wrap
  • Measurements: 78" x 26"
  • Jersey knit
  • Available in Grey
  • Dry clean only


100% Cashmere

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