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Waffle Knit Scarf

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The way you tie your scarf says a lot about you. However you do it, you’ll love the look and feel of our new 2BB Waffle Knit Scarf. Make it a set: Match up your scarf with our 2BB Waffle Knit Beanie and 2BB Waffle Knit Gloves! Organizing your whole look has never been this easy


The Waffle Knit Scarf features a silicone patch with the color of the scarf in tactile braille. Available in maroon, navy, and grey to pair well with your cold weather wardrobe.


  • Tactile braille on silicone patch reads color of scarf
  • Waffle knit
  • Available in 3 colors: Maroon, Navy, and Grey
  • One Size - Length: 70" x Width: 9.5"
  • Please hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry


  •    54% Polyester
  •    20% Nylon
  •    20% Acrylic
  •    6% Wool

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