2BB Eyewear Collection

We Know Vision! 

Whether you've chosen a pair of sunglasses from the Two Blind Brothers website or discovered our 2BB: Eyewear at your local optometrist's office, every item is a testament to our commitment. Each pair of sunglasses and every piece of eyewear not only provides a touch of style but also embodies a product designed with care and precision. At the heart of our creations lies uncompromising quality and a desire to make a meaningful impact in the vision space.

At Two Blind Brothers, fashion extends beyond mere decoration; it serves as a powerful vehicle for change. Each purchase directly supports our goal of donating directly to the fight against blindness. 

Our New Partnership with L’Amy America - 2BB: Eyewear 

Crafting quality products is a cornerstone of our commitment. That's why we've partnered with L’Amy, true  innovators in optical design to bring our new Sunglass and Eyewear collections to life. This significant partnership marks a stride towards innovation and social responsibility in the optical industry. Now, Two Blind Brothers not only helps fund research looking to cure blindness in the future but also sets out to improve eyesight today with the most innovative prescription eyeglass frames available! Here's what makes the 2BB Optical Collection stand out:

  • Women’s Collection: Boasts sleek acetate frames with trendy, easy-wearing shapes.

  • Men’s Collection: Integrates memory metal across all silhouettes, ensuring durability and comfort.

  • Unique Design: Each frame is enhanced with braille on the temple tips, spelling out “BROTHERS,” adding a meaningful tactile element.

  • Charitable Mission: L’Amy has committed to donating 10% of all optical eyewear sales directly to the Foundation Fighting Blindness!

    We truly could not be happier with this partnership, as Bryan said “L'Amy is the right partner with the right mindset and desire to give back within the optical community. This collection brings us back to the beginning of our journey, in an optometrist’s office. To now be the brand on the wall, helping others achieve better vision, is the greatest gift we could imagine.”

    New 2BB Sunglasses Collection 

    Two Blind Brothers, also in collaboration with L'Amy, is showcasing our commitment to detail and craftsmanship with our launch of the Cruz and Cavalier 2.0, with new styles set to release in time for Summer 2024! Here’s what you can expect from our new sunglasses:

    • Enhanced Quality: Upgrades in materials, including high-quality acetate frames and recyclable nylon lenses, promote sustainability and durability.

    • Enhanced Fit: Adjustments such as integrated spring hinges ensure a more comfortable and flexible fit.

    • Upgraded Accessories: Each pair comes with a newly designed sunglasses case and cleaning cloth, enhancing the overall user experience.

    • Prescription-Ready: The frames are now Rx-able, catering to those who need prescription lenses.

    • Collaborative Manufacturing: Our L’Amy partnership connected us to Bosma Enterprises, a nonprofit organization supporting employment for the visually impaired, reinforcing our community contribution.



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      About Bosma Enterprises

      Our partnership with Bosma Enterprises is a testament to our dedication to positive community impact and social responsibility. As Indiana's largest provider of employment and training for people who are blind or visually impaired, Bosma Enterprises plays a crucial role in our production process. This collaboration ensures the high-quality manufacturing of our eyewear while providing meaningful employment opportunities.

      Bosma Enterprises operates an ISO-certified facility that is instrumental in packing all of our eyewear, ensuring that each product is not only perfect but also carries a touch of humanity. By choosing eyewear from Two Blind Brothers and L’Amy, you support significant employment opportunities for the visually impaired community and contribute to adding a unique dimension to our creations, embodying both style and social purpose.

       We take Eye Health Seriously. 

      At Two Blind Brothers, we are staunch advocates for eye health education. Regular eye exams are crucial, and we actively promote this awareness. By choosing our eyewear, you're not just enhancing your vision; you're contributing to a brighter future through proactive eye care and supporting a world one step closer to curing blindness.


      2BB Brothers Brand and Bryan sitting out couch reviewing the 2BB Eyewear Collection.

      You can check out The 2BB Sunglass collection and dive deeper with our FAQ

      For more information on  L’Amy and our eyewear collection.


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