How to Speak your Truth and Make People Listen

Every once in a while we’re fortunate enough to get asked to speak at an event like our recent TED talk (keep your #eagleeyes open) or when we spoke at Sotheby’s (or Life is Beautiful) and we learn a lot about “observing” (so to speak) other people who have shared their stories in an engaging way. Public speaking is daunting for anyone and not everyone is born with Bryan’s charisma, so for the rest of us here are some things we’ve picked up along the way:

Believe in what you’re talking about!
You can always hear it in someone’s voice when they believe in their message. Remember that what you have to say is worth listening to. Frank Stephens testified passionately about his life experience and the importance of scientific research in regards to Down Syndrome. Even in the short video, his belief is infectious.

It’s okay to be nervous!
Turn that into drive and energy, fear can be turned into motivation. When we went to speak for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, you could probably hear the nerves in our voice, but we turned that into the confidence we needed to speak in front of people we respect greatly.

Express yourself!
Engage your crowd with some liveliness, take them along for the ride. By projecting yourself and how you feel, the audience becomes more willing to get on board. Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs, but remains mobile on stage while conveying deep emotions, and it shows.

Have Fun!
Get up there and enjoy yourself. You got this. If you have a good time, you’ll be guaranteed to get and stay in the zone. Tell a joke, Bryan always does...

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