Ojok Simon is a beecon of hope for the blind and visually impaired and he is on a mission to “prove to the whole world that being ‘out of sight’ does not mean ‘out of mind’”


Ojok Simon is a blind beekeeper in Uganda and one of this year's recipients of the Holman Prize for Blind Ambition wide

There is a saying: Give a man some honey and you feed him for a day, teach a man to beekeep and you feed him for a lifetime.

...Ok that may not be exactly how the original saying goes but it is exactly what Ojok Simon is trying to do in Uganda.

Ojok Simon holding honey made from his beekeeping project in Uganda wide


Ojok Simon is a blind Honey Bee Keeper and he recently won San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind’s first ever Holman Prize for Blind Ambition. Ojok plans to use the $25,000 prize towards funding the HIVE project in Uganda: a project that empowers the blind and visually impaired in rural Uganda to become independent and self-reliant by teaching them how to beekeep and providing them with hives. The award will make available 60 high quality equipment necessary for beekeeping and honey extraction, such as beehives and honey harvesting suits.


In its first year, the Holman prize is the brain-child of another great Lighthouse for the Blind - The San Francisco Lighthouse. The Holman Prize was created specifically for those who are legally blind and provides financial support for up to three people in their endeavors.

Who ever thought empowering others and curing blindness would taste this sweet (or feel this good)?


To Read more about Ojok and the Hive project see below:

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Learn more about the HIVE project here: HIVE Uganda

For more information on the Holman Prize see: First ever Holman Prize for Blind Ambition

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